Namaqua National Park Travel Guide
Nature in Full Bloom

A popular tourist attraction, especially between July and September when the ground is covered in a blanket of brightly coloured flowers, the Namaqua National Park is known for its spectacular scenery and wonderful walking and photographic opportunities.

A Travel Guide to the Namaqua National Park


Located in the Northern Cape, 67 kilometres (41.5 miles) south of Springbok, the Namaqua National Park is an easy 5 hour drive from Cape Town on the N7 national road. After passing through Garies turn right off of the N7 towards Kamieskroon and then pass under the N7 turning on to a gravel road for the final 17 kilometres (10.5 miles) of the drive.


Cape Town International Airport is the closest airport to the national park.

Internal Road Network

There is a limited 5 kilometre (3.1 miles) circular flower viewing route available for sedan vehicles to exploreand an additional 27 kilometre (16.74 miles) route for 4X4 and high clearance vehicles. Adventure seeking 4X4 drivers also have access to a larger 220 kilometre (136.4 miles) off-road trail.


A bright and colourful blanket of orange and yellow flowers undulating across the landscape as far as the eye can see is a breath-taking sight and a definite highlight of a visit to the nature reserve. Known for its spectacular scenery especially in the mountainous section located in the eastern regions of the park, the Namaqua National Park is considered to be the most well-preserved section of Namaqua coastline.

Visitors choosing to stay in the reserve for a few days will enjoy the peace and quiet in the off-season months and will most likely experience quizzical visits from Springbok, Klipspringer and other antelope right near to their chalets. A lazy walk along one of the 2 hour long walking trails provides fresh air and abundant photographic opportunities.


The reserve does not offer a wealth of activities for those visiting for a longer stay, however; that is essentially the point, as it allows one time to relax and soak up the beautiful surroundings, lazing in a sun lounger, reading a book or taking a languid stroll through the reserve. There are a number of walking and mountain biking trails in the reserve and bikes are available for hire from the park-run reception. There are also a number of park-run picnic sites where a few hours can be spent enjoying the natural surroundings and a picnic lunch.


The main accommodation for the reserve is the Skilpad (tortoise) Rest Camp that provides 4 well equipped and well maintained chalets each sleeping 2 -3 people. Luiperdskloof (leopard's ridge) Guest Cottage has 3 bedrooms, sleeps 4 people and is available for those heading out on the 4X4 trail.

The Experience

For only a few weeks during the flower season cars and buses full of tourists frequent the nature reserve bringing large numbers of people to view the magnificent display of colourful flowers. Outside of flower season the nature reserve is an ideal location for nature lovers, hikers, photographers and mountain bikers. Weekend visitors will find the nature reserve the perfect place to spend a few days resting and relaxing, taking in their surroundings and enjoying the sense of peace and tranquillity found here.


The Namaqua National Park is a winter rainfall area with most of the rainfall occurring between May and September. Occasionally experiencing cycles of drought the average rainfall is between 160mm in the east and 100mm in the west. Frequent mists and fog add an eerie and romantic aspect to the landscape in winter and occasionally in summer as well. Summer temperatures average around 30°C (54°F) while winters are colder averaging a minimum of 5°C (9°F).

Useful Information

There are no fuel supplies within the reserve and the closest location to refuel is Springbok, 87 kilometres (54 miles) from the park. Visitors, especially those exploring the 4X4 routes are advised to refuel prior to entering the nature reserve. There are only limited ablution facilities in the nature park, located near to the entrance gate. Tourists are asked to please not pick the flowers or remove any of the plants in the reserve.

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