Travel Tips and Advice for South Africa Nature Reserve Holidays

Before planning your holiday read these useful Travel Tips & Advice articles for going on a getaway to South African Nature Reserves.

For a safe holiday in nature read more about what to do if you encounter a snake on your holiday as well as other useful tips. 

Read more helpful articles about the best hiking trails, fishing spots, birding and camping destinations in South African national parks and nature reserves.

Best Hiking Trails in South Africa

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Common Highly Dangerous Snakes of South Africa

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What to do if you Encounter a Snake in the Bush

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5 of the Best Birding Spots in South Africa

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Malaria Free Safari Holiday Destinations

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Great Fishing Spots in South African Reserves

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Travel Advice - Self Drive South Africa

South Africa is arguably the best country in Africa for a self-drive holiday, with excellent infrastructure, well-kept roads and accessibili...more

Camping Guide

Everything you need to know about camping in South African nature reserves. Tips, information and camping travel advice....more
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