Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park Accommodation

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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park accommodation offers rest camps, luxury game lodges and tented camps situated amongst the stunning Kalahari desert landscape.

Rest Camps in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Twee Rivieren Rest Camp

Twee Rivieren is the largest rest camp in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park with many different accommodation styles ranging from family cottages, chalets and camp sites. Twee Rivieren Rest Camp facilities include a reception, fuel, restaurant, shop, information centre and swimming pool. This is the only camp with 24 hrs electricity and cell phone reception. Twee Rivieren is located on the banks of the Dry Nossob Riverbed

Mata-Mata Rest Camp

Mata-Mata Rest Camp in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park sits on the banks of the Auob River on the western boundary of the Park,  2,5 hrs drive from Twee Rivieren. Accommodation options include chalets, family chalets, and camp sites. Facilities include a reception, swimming pool, fuel and a shop. A generator provides electricity for 16.5 hrs per day, but please note there is no telephone or cellphone reception.

Nossob Rest Camp

Nossob Rest Camp is located within the dry riverbed of the Nossob, 3,5 hrs drive from Twee Rivieren. Accommodation is in guest houses, cottages and camping sites. Nossob Rest Camp facilities include a reception, swimming pool, information centre, shop and fuel. A generator provides electricity for 16.5 hrs per day. No phone reception is available at the camp which makes it a true getaway.

Wilderness Camps in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park has several wilderness camps that accommodate a maximum of 8 people to retain exclusivity. Wilderness camps include Bitterpan, Grootkolk, Kalahari Tented Camp, Kieliekrankie Wilderness Camp, Urikaruus Wilderness Camp and Gharagab Wilderness Camp.

Kieliekrankie Wilderness Camp

An unfenced camp called Kieliekrankie Wilderness Camp is tucked away amid the red dunes of the Kalahari. Enter through the tunnelled access route dug into the dune and leave the heat of the Kalahari day and the outside world behind you. Every tented unit offers an untouched view of the Kieliekrankie watering hole. Unwind on your personal deck while you observe antelope at the waterhole, and the colours of the ferocious Kalahari sky transform into a stunning show of reds that reflect the dunes. At night, the sky is illuminated by an unparalleled variety of night lights. Two bed units have a bathroom with a shower, linen, towels and a fully equipped kitchen. No children under 12.

Gharagab Wilderness Camp

Gharagab is a wilderness camp located in the northern part of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The camp is situated above the scorching sands of the traditional Camel Thorn veld and Terminalia veld, giving it a distinctive appearance. In the midst of the Kalahari heat, the flats provide visitors a safe retreat. The well-equipped kitchen allow you to prepare your own meals, watch the sun set from the comfort and safety of the secure balcony, and take a shower beneath the stunning Kalahari night sky. From your private deck watch the animals quench their thirst at the centrally located waterhole. Two bed units have a bathroom with a shower, linen, towels and a fully equipped kitchen. No children under 12.

Urikaruus Wilderness Camp

Spend the night amidst the twisted Camel Thorn trees near the historic Auob River's banks. Take in the silence of the night and the songbirds in the treetops before dawn. This combined with the breathtaking landscape of the Kalahari gives rise to the Urikaruus Wilderness Camp. For convenience and safety, the camp is elevated and each unit is connected to the others via a wooden boardwalk. This well situated, unfenced camp has a view of the dry riverbed waterhole that attracts a variety of wildlife to quench their thirst. Two bed units have a bathroom with a shower, linen, towels and a fully equipped kitchen plus under roof parking. No children under 12.

Bitterpan Wilderness Camp

Situated on stilts over a waterhole, Bitterpan is a unique camp suspended in time above the red sand dunes of the Kalahari. Bitterpan creates a new 4x4 path that connects Nossob to Mata-Mata and the Kalahari Tent Camp via the dunes. It travels in ONE direction, beginning in Nossob it takes around 2.5 hours to travel to Bitterpan. From Bitterpan, it takes another 2.5 hours to drive to Craig Lockhart on the Auob tourist road. From there, it takes 15 minutes to go to Mata-Mata, and it takes two hours to get to Twee Rivieren.

Grootkolk Wilderness Camp

Grootkolk Wilderness Camp is located 20 kilometres from Union's End, the point where South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia converge, and is nestled among the dunes with a view of a waterhole. Tucked away amidst red sand dunes, this camp is ideal for getting away from it all or for special events. Driving times to Grootkolk are 2.5 hours from Nossob and 6 hours from Twee Rivieren. Sedan cars are possible to reach the site. Two bed chalets have a ceiling fan, bathroom and kitchen on patio, with braai.

Kalahari Tented Camp

Kalahari Tent Camp in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is perched atop a red sand dune overlooking a waterhole in the dry bank of the historic Auob River. This upscale retreat for discerning travellers features 15 desert tents with exquisite rustic finishes made of wood, sand, and canvas exteriors. The Kalahari Tent Camp is located 3 km from the Mata-Mata Rest Camp, where campers may refuel and purchase necessities at the store. Two bed desert tents have a ceiling fan, bathroom, kitchen, braai and access to a swimming pool.

Xaus Lodge

This eco-lodge in the heart of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, 60km north of Twee Rivieren, overlooks a vast salt pan and waterhole, sleeping 24 people in 12 luxury chalets.

Guests enjoy wilderness walks, game drives and Bushmen interaction. Features include a cosy lounge with a fireplace, an art and craft shop, a large observation deck perfect for stargazing, a  swimming pool and a fire in the boma. You can purchase authentic local Bushman crafts at the gift shop which make a great memento.

!Xaus Lodge is the ideal place to disconnect, as there are no cell phone, Wi-Fi or television signals. Just sit back and take in the beauty of the Kgalagadi.

Ta Shebube Rooiputs

Rooiputs is located about 25 km north of Twee Rivieren along the Nossob River Valley. The lodge has extensive panoramic views and lions often visit the adjacent waterhole.

Accommodation comprises of 9 standard en suite thatched chalets, 1 family unit and 1 luxury desert / honeymoon suite with a romantic outside sunken bath.

Each chalet is built on a wooden deck and has stunning views. Chalets have a main sleeping area with double or twin beds, a sitting area, en suite bathroom, outside shower and a large veranda.

Lodge facilities include a lounge area, a bar, dining area, library; plunge pool, craft shop and a boma.

Ta Shebube Polentswa

Polentswa is a classic tented camp capturing the romance of a nostalgic bygone era, located 222km from Twee Rivieren along the predator rich Nossob Valley on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. All tents are set on raised wooden platforms under large canvas roofs that also encompass a spacious private veranda and an outdoor shower.

Accommodation consists of 6 luxury classic safari tents; 1 family unit; 1 desert/honeymoon tent with outside sunken bath. Each tent at Polentswa has a main sleeping area with double or twin beds with en-suite bathroom, a sitting area, an outside shower open to the stars.

The open fronted main building overlooks a waterhole that attracts many species of game. Other facilities include a lounge area, bar, dining room, library, craft shop, boma and a plunge pool.

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