The Wildlife and Landscape of Mokala National Park

Home to a number of rare and endangered South African wildlife species including Black and White Rhino, Tsessebe and Savanna Buffalo, the Mokala National Park is located in the Northern Cape Province.

A look at the Landscape and African Wildlife found at Mokala National Park

Named after the Tswana name for Camel Thorn trees, Mokala National Park spans across 26 485 hectares and is located in the Northern Cape just west of the N12 that links Kimberley to Cape Town. An ideal location for a stopover while driving between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The Mokala Landscape

The reserve's landscape is made up of numerous rocky ridges and outcrops, all a mixture of Ecca and Dwyka sediments, surrounded by expansive plains. The lowlands are a covered by calcrete-rich sandy soils and whitish chunks of calcrete can be seen from various locations. The plains are dominated by open grassland and Kimberley thornveld woodland, in which the namesake of the park; the camel thorn (Acacia erioloba) tree can be found.

What animals can you see in the Mokala National Park?

There are over 50 species of mammals found within the nature reserve including rare species such as White and Black Rhino, Roan Antelope and Tsessebe. On the plains one will see Giraffe, Plains Zebra, Red Hartebeest and Greater Kudu.

Springhares are often seen around the Mosu Lodge camp area at night. The bird species list is still being developed however; there are already over 139 species of birds listed, a number of which reach their southern ranging limit in the reserve. Birds found in the safari park include Pygmy Flacon, Brubru, Crimson-breasted Shrike and Black-faced and Violet-eared Waxbills.

The Climate

The reserve is located in a summer rainfall area with most of the rain falling between December and February and rain is usually accompanied by thunderstorms. The summer temperatures are known to be extremely hot ranging from 33°C (91.3°F) to an excess of 40°C (104°F) and the temperatures, especially in January can be uncomfortable and debilitating.

Mokala National Park

The malaria-free Mokala National Park in Northern Cape lies southwest of the town of Kimberley and offers the perfect outdoor stopover between Cape Town and Johannesburg....more
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