Landscapes and Wildlife of Kwandwe Private Game Reserve

Kwandwe Private Game Reserve is a 22 000 hectare luxury safari park located in the Eastern Cape Province. The reserve is home to Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino as well as Wild Dog and Cheetah. What to expect when visiting the Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, a luxury safari park in the Eastern Cape.

Straddling and almost equally divided by the Great Fish River, the Kwandwe Game Reserve stretches across 22 000 hectares of land. 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) of the Great Fish River runs through the reserve providing beautiful scenery and plenty of water.

The reserve's flatland, which is mostly floodplains, was once heavily cultivated and grazed by domestic livestock, leaving the soil diminished, but post the proclamation of a game reserve the farming was stopped and the land has been able to start recovering. The flatlands are now well known for sightings of grazing animals that have been reintroduced into the reserve, such as Zebra and Warthog.

Apart from the flatlands, the rest of the reserve is mostly made up of rugged and broken hilly country that is dominated by Great Fish Thicket and the landscape bears many similarities and features to the Great Fish River Nature Reserve which is located just a short distance to the east.

What Wildlife can you see in the Kwandwe Private Game Reserve?

There are 68 mammal species found in the Kwandwe Private Game Reserve including the Big Five that have been reintroduced. Some of the mammals, including Great Kudu, Bushbuck and Common Duiker were originally found in the area and have remained here even during the farming.

Other wildlife, such as Savanna Elephants, Common Hippopotamus, Cheetah and Wild Dog were reintroduced around the same time as the reintroduction of the Big Five. Species that are now found in the safari park that did previous not occur in the area include Giraffe, Common Waterbuck and Impala. Game viewing occurs in open game vehicles on organised daily day and night game drives that head out from the luxury, fully-catered lodges.

Kwandwe Private Game Reserve

Kwandwe Private Game Reserve near Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, is more than a Big Five safari destination in South Africa - it's a conservation victory...more
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