Lowveld, South Africa

The Lowveld is situated in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.

Mpumalanga means 'place where the sun rises' and this is well suited, as Mpumalanga is South Africa's eastern most province. Nelspruit is the provincial capital and it serves as a gateway to the Lowveld.

Restricted to broad valleys below 1 000m above sea level, the Lowveld is what many people consider to be the 'real' Africa. In this low-lying subtropical climate, broad-leaved trees and thorn trees co-exist in relatively open woodland, interspersed with long grass and lots of game.

In the far north, it gets hotter and the vegetation changes to mopane woodland and, right in the northern part of the country, huge Baobab trees dominate the landscape. Much of the Kruger National Park falls into this biome. However, the division between the Bushveld and the Lowveld is somewhat blurred.

The rivers here tend to be broad and slow-moving and may consist of no more than a few unconnected pools at the end of the dry season and that's when the game congregates around the few known water sources.

Mpumalanga Nature Reserve

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