Safari Review of Tswalu Kalahari Reserve
Northern Cape, South Africa

The Kalahari is a rich, red sea of undulating sand topped with grasses, shrubs and trees - not at all the empty pale desert you might have expected. There are even mountains in this remote corner of the Northern Cape, which is so far from anywhere that maps show few roads and even fewer signs of human habitation. In this vast open space you will find Tswalu Kalahari Reserve.

South Africa's Largest Private Game Reserve

Tswalu is the largest private game reserve in southern Africa. Since this 100 000-hectare reserve was first established, animals like black rhino, buffalo, lion, cheetah, sable and roan antelope have been reintroduced.

Ancient Soils and Wild Open Spaces

This is truly one of the wildest parts of South Africa and, considering the region's limited rainfall and extreme temperatures, may seem like a difficult place to live. Yet the San (Bushmen) have inhabited the Kalahari for thousands of years. Even visitors who have come and gone often feel its ancient soils and wild open spaces calling them back.Tswalu's two lodges - Motse, with eight bungalows in a village setting, and Tarkuni House, a separate, freestanding luxury home that sleeps eight - are the epitome of style and elegance.The Kalahari has a unique appeal and there is no reserve that better takes advantage of this allure than Tswalu. Local natural materials were used to create these rustic yet elegant dwellings. Curved stone walls and thatched roofs form an organic whole, blending with the surrounding landscape.

Tarkuni House

Tarkuni House, a forty-five minute drive from Motse, is set amid rolling hills and is ideal for small groups or families of up to eight people. With a nearby waterhole and its own swimming pool, private game-viewing vehicle and dedicated chef, Tarkuni has all the comforts a visitor would need.

Unforgettable Activities

Game drives, bush-walking trails and horseback safaris are but some of the activities to be enjoyed during the day. At night, cloudless skies are ideal for stargazing. Soon the clear skies, ochre sands and majestic mountains of Tswalu cast their spell on you. Do not even try to resist.

Stay at Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

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