Safari Reviews

These Accommodation Reviews of Nature Reserves in South Africa will give you peace of mind when selecting which reserve to choose so you know what to expect.

Safari Review - Ecca Lodge and Uplands Homestead

Fun, flamboyant and fabulous are words that spring to mind when describing the lodges in the expansive Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape...more

Safari Review - Great Fish River Lodge, Kwandwe Private Game Reserve

The Great Fish River meanders through the Kwandwe Private Game Reserve. In a deep horseshoe bow in the river nestles the Great Fish River Lodge...more

Safari Review - Kuname Lodge, Karongwe Private Game Reserve

Passion is the priceless ingredient that will make a stay at Kuname River Lodge exceed all expectations. All those associated with Kuname...more

Safari Review - Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

The Kalahari is a rich, red sea of undulating sand topped with grasses, shrubs and trees – not at all the empty pale desert you might have expected...more
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