Camping Guide

Everything you need to know about camping in South African nature reserves. Tips, information and travel advice.
  • Camping Activities for Children

    Camping is a wonderful experience with children; their natural curiosity about the world means that even simple games and activities will keep them happy.

  • Camping Safety

    Camping is a great way to de-stress and reconnect with nature, but it can be dangerous if you are unprepared and things go wrong. The key to a successful trip is awareness and planning

  • Eco-Friendly Camping

    Done in the correct manner with respect for the environment, camping is a great eco-friendly activity. Heading out into the great outdoors and reconnecting with nature

  • 5 of the Best Camping Spots in South Africa

    Choose a camping holiday and reboot your connection with nature. Find inspiration and peace in surroundings that 'speak' to you. Camping spots in South Africa are some of the best

  • Tips for Camping with Children

    Camping can be a wonderful way to introduce children to the beauty of South Africa national parks and nature reserves. They key to a good camping holiday lies in planning for every eventuality